Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Aaron - how's he doing?

Aaron is fully steeped in the 1st grade now. He is doing incredibly well! He is a very independent worker. He needs a little bit of guidance - but the very little guidance goes a long way with him. He is a quick learner and also has the ability to figure things out on his own. I will often give him his written work to do without any instruction. Most of the time, he reads the directions on his own and completes it without help. Sometimes he'll read the directions and tell me he doesn't understand. I am so thankful that he's so motivated to be independent!
His reading is unbelievable to me! He reads independently and is able to answer all comprehension questions without any trouble. He also can retell the story to me in great detail.
His math skills are also quite good. He just gets it. This is much different than what I went through with Martin. Martin struggled a great deal more in math - until we found the right curriculum. (now he no longer struggles)
Aaron reminds me alot of his Daddy. Aaron has the ability to figure things out without having all the details. He excels in just about anything you put in front of him - but gets quickly frustrated if he can't get it right the first time.
He is also very conscientious. He wants to do the right thing and quickly recognizes and feels ashamed when he makes a bad choice. It's not uncommon to find Aaron on his bed crying because he is "ashamed" of how he behaved.(and he actually uses the word ashamed) Wow. This makes him an easy child to discipline! Martin is still his very best friend. These two are inseparable. I love how they love each other!
Aaron has also recently discovered that Jonathan can also be a good playmate and friend. It's been a joy to watch Aaron and Jonathan grow in their relationship. I continue to pray that my children will love each other, rely on one another, and be the best of friends.


  1. What a special relationship between your boys! A true model of what a family could/should be! Love it!! And yay for him doing so well with school! It is no neat to be able to watch your children in your strengths and just continue to blossom!

  2. I love your Aaron too! What a smart, conscientious boy whose love for God and others is so apparent!

  3. I love reading your updates on the kiddos!