Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Seriously??? Can we just stick with toys??

She's having the time of her life...

... And she gets caught.

Okay, so what is the obsession with pulling things out of boxes, I ask you??? Why can't we play with the sweet little baby doll and tea set that we got you, sweet girl? Oh, the trouble that she finds when Momma turns her back. One thing is true ... she's very quick and efficient at her trouble making.


  1. I LOVE her "I just got busted!" face...soo cute! She has to give those boys a run for their money momma!! :)

  2. this is so cute!! I love her outfit too!! :0)

  3. That face is hilarious! I'm sure she gave you her 'don't be mad at me smile' right after.

  4. Zachary never did the bags but he did toilet paper. I would walk by the bathroom and he would be in the floor with the entire roll of toilet paper pulled off and spread all over the floor. Then he would proceed to tear it into little portions. It was hilarious!