Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Jonathan's 8th Birthday

I cannot believe my 3rd child is 8! Please stop the clock! These precious children are growing up so fast! Jonathan is such a spirited little guy. He is strong willed, stubborn, full or energy, and he loves reading the Bible. He has a wonderful 8th birthday and here are some pictures of what we did that day!

Of course - we opened presents as soon as everyone was awake! He got lots of legos, a new dinosaur, and a new Bible. His old Bible was barely hanging on even after repairing it with duct tape. He was so excited to receive a new one!

Camouflage is Jonathan's favorite thing to wear and he got this very awesome camouflage jacket!

Martin lit the candles of the cake that Jonathan helped decorate!
For those of you who follow our family traditions…
This year, Jonathan chose to have a birthday breakfast instead of birthday lunch with Daddy. He went to the Waffle House. He also chose Ravioli and Sauce for his birthday Dinner at home. 

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  1. Happy 8th birthday!! Looks like you had a lot of fun :)
    Penn is counting the days until he is 8!