Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Family Vacation 2014 #5

On day 5 of our vacation we headed to The Magic Kingdom!
The weather was beautiful and sunny and it was such a fun day for all of us!

We arrived bright and early and were waiting to be let into the park!

It was such an exciting day for Rosalie - since she doesn't remember our last trip!

We headed to Splash Mountain and Thunder Mountain Railroad first - and there were hardly any lines at all! Rosalie was terrified for most of the Splash Mountain rides because some brothers of her pointed out the huge drop and told her to watch the boats go down the HUGE hill. So, she spent the entire ride scared to death about the hill at the end. Oh Well. She rode everything without question the entire week - she wasn't scared, and most of the time wanted to ride them again. That hill on Splash Mountain just looked intimidating, I suppose.

We headed over to the Buzz Lightyear ride a little later - you know they all loved that one! What kid doesn't want to shoot at stuff?

A funny story:
After lunch we headed to the newest area of MK. We got in the line for what we thought was the Ariel ride. Lines had been moving quickly all day long - not long waits anywhere, really - and even when we had to wait longer than usual … the lines still kept moving. This line - was not moving - there wasn't a good airflow at all in the line. After waiting about 35-40 minutes - longer than any line we'd waited in all week, it was our turn - and they took us into a room to meet Ariel - the Little Mermaid. We were stunned. We had no idea that we were waiting to meet Ariel. We thought we were in line for a ride. The Disney cast member was trying hard to stay composed and not laugh out loud at us - when we all said - "What? This is what we were waiting for?" But no worries, folks…I acted quickly by shoving Rosalie toward Ariel. (I was seriously thankful that our 4th child was a girl!) The boys were mortified and quickly got behind any adult they could find. There is no way they were getting anywhere near the Sea Princess.
It's a memory, though … and now one that we all laugh about!

We stayed at the Magic Kingdom all day long. We decided not to park hop - because there is just so much to do at MK. We headed over to tomorrowland around the time that everyone was finding their perfect spot for the fireworks. Mom and Dad did the same thing! They didn't want to miss the fireworks show. We were more interested in riding rides, however. So, we headed over to tomorrowland. We got a fast pass to ride space mountain - and while we were waiting we got on the people mover to relax and pass time. Little Miss fell asleep while we were riding it! Too funny!
I took Martin, Aaron, and Rosalie to ride the astro orbiter…which had about a 20-25 minute wait - and Rich took Jonathan on the Buzz Lightyear ride twice! When we got off astro orbiter we went back on the Buzz Lightyear ride again. No waits! Then Martin, Aaron, and I went over and rode Space Mountain. Rich, Rosalie, and Jonathan found a place to sit down in tomorrowland to watch the fireworks. By the time we got off of Space Mountain the fireworks were just beginning, so we sat down and enjoyed the fireworks. Once they were over, we sent M & A back on Space Mountain before the rush of people came back into tomorrowland after the fireworks show was over.
We waited for M & A to ride it - yes they got in line and rode it by themselves. I was a little nervous about that, I admit … but they were fine, or course.
As we were leaving tomorrowland, we were right in front of the castle when they showed the entire castle projection show AGAIN! So, we got to ride a ton of rides without waiting in lines - AND - we got to see the projection show too! WIN-WIN!
By this time it was getting close to 11PM - and we were DONE!
Fantastic day at The Magic Kingdom!

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  1. Family vacations are so much fun ~ looks like you all enjoyed yours!
    (I still have childhood memories of the several visits my parents took us to Disneyland in Anaheim, CA.)

    We are looking forward to our vacation in just a few weeks :)