Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Family Vacation 2014 #3

LEGOLAND!!!!! You know we had to go to Legoland this time! It was another wonderful weather day in sunny Florida and we had a blast exploring Legoland for the first time!

The lego creations were amazing!

We found out that Rosalie has some pretty good driving instincts! She was surrounded by little boy drivers and was the only one out there that could keep her little car moving! We had so much fun watching her drive!

Legoland is a cute little park with lots of fun rides! We really enjoyed our day there - and the adults were happy that the hours were only 10-6. We were only on our 2nd park day and already getting tired!
Rosalie rode all of the roller coasters - and loved them. We made Jonathan ride them - and he was okay with it - got off of them and said they were awesome, but wouldn't get back on it. Good times!!

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