Monday, May 26, 2014

Family Vacation 2014 #1

We got up when it was still very dark on May 15th and made about a ten hour drive down to Orlando, Florida to Walt Disney World! We rented a gorgeous vacation home that had 4 bedrooms and a pool in the backyard. We met my Mom and Dad and our 10 day adventure began!

On our first full day we headed to Hollywood Studios. It was Star Wars weekend, folks … and with 3 boys - you have to know we couldn't miss that!

Rosalie's favorite part about Hollywood Studios was the Honey I shrunk the Kids playground. We had to visit that at least 3 times!
The three boys remember our trip to Disney 3 years ago - but Rosalie doesn't remember it at all - so it was a lot of fun introducing Disney to my girl!

Her next favorite was the Disney Junior Playhouse show. 
It was so much fun to watch her watching the show!
And you know…it just wouldn't be right to visit the Pixar part of the park and not hang out with the green army men!

Even on Star Wars weekend, the waits weren't too bad. We started and ended the day in the 60s - the weather was great! Martin's and Aaron's favorite ride was The Rockin' Roller Coaster. They rode it 3 times! I rode it once with Jonathan - but he was terrified - so I was nervous for him. None of the adults would ride the Tower of Terror with Martin, so we let him ride it by himself. Martin loves all of the rides! Oh - and all 4 of the children love Star Tours. Rosalie was the secret rebel spy the 2nd time they rode it. I didn't ride it - so I am not sure exactly what that means - but all of you Disney fans probably know exactly what I am talking about. You can explain it to me later.
Rosalie did ask if we could go back to the house and go swimming about midway through the day. We all had a great day at Hollywood Studios!

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