Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Oh Yes I Did!

Last week, Rich went out of town for a few days. I had some errands that I had to run, so we were out all afternoon before we had to go to our church small group that night. I told the children that I would take them somewhere for supper and that it would be the silliest supper they have ever had. I told them that it was so silly that they were going to want to take my temperature when we got there.

I took them to SweetFrog Yogurt shop and we had frozen yogurt for supper. Yes. I did that. Crazy. I know! Sometimes you just gotta have dessert for supper. So, we did.

We are having a fun summer.

Not ready for it to end.


  1. That's great - Love it!!

    I am totally with you on not wanting summer to end :(

  2. We had frozen yogurt for dinner one night last week when Jamie was out of town too! Great minds think alike :) We should've met up and done it together :)