Monday, August 5, 2013

A Golf Club to the Head

While we were in Kentucky, my Uncle Jeff took my boys outside to practice golfing in the front yard. They were using real golf clubs with small plastic balls. Jeff went to get something out of the garage and while he was gone ... Aaron swung the golf club right as Jonathan was walking toward him. Smack. The golf club made contact with Jonathan's head.
(I was combing the back yard for plantain to put on a bee sting for one of Mackenzie's friends when this happened)
I get back inside and someone told me that one of my boys was bleeding. Great.
I ran outside and found Jonathan crying and blood pouring out of his head and Aaron was sobbing very loudly.
I immediately started telling Aaron to stop crying because it wasn't helping Jonathan. To which Aaron replied, "But I didn't mean to hurt him!" Okay, clearly, I needed to be more compassionate.

My cousin put a wet towel and an ice pack on Jonathan's head to stop the bleeding, and I hugged Jonathan and told him it was going to be okay. My cousin said a couple of times that he thought he would need stitches, but from what I saw, I thought he'd be fine without them.

My aunt called her next door neighbor, who is a nurse, and asked her to come over and look at the wound for me. She came and confirmed that he didn't need stitches. The bleeding finally stopped and after about 20 minutes of watching Scooby Doo and relaxing while getting lots of attention ... he perked back up and was back to normal Jonathan. Whew! So glad we avoided the emergency room on this trip!

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