Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Drum Roll Please ...

The frog eggs we collected were NOT the upland chorus frog like we thought . They were Cope's Gray Tree Frogs. How cool is that? Tree Frogs!

We clearly didn't know what we were doing ... and discovered that these tree frogs were nothing like the toad tadpoles from our previous experience. They began to climb out of the water as soon as their front arms began to appear. We made places for them to climb out ... but didn't realize that they would actually climb out of the entire container. So, the next morning, we found 3 little dead tree frogs in different places on my kitchen floor attempting to escape their habitat.
So, we immediately scooped up the remaining tadpoles and set them free at the closest pond.
It was incredibly fun watching the metamorphosis and discovering what they actually were! Our tadpole days are officially over now. We are not going to be collecting tadpoles again anytime soon.

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  1. Sorry you lost three of them, but the others must be happy little tree frogs out in the wild!