Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Spring Strawberry Picking!

We love going to Vollmer's Farm in the spring! It is so much fun to pick strawberries ... and even better that they are organic strawberries!

Oh yes we did! Ice cream for all the kiddos! Homemade fresh ice cream. 

Oh, how I love Jonathan's sweet smile ... and that he actually stopped moving long enough for me to take a picture of him!

I have to tell you ... I have some excellent strawberry pickers in my family! They were super cautious about which berries to pick - and only picked the very ripe berries. It was so much fun!

Yes, I would like to freeze her right at this very age and stage. LOVE this girl!

Would you care for a strawberry?

So, this week, we will be having strawberry shortcake, strawberry pie, and strawberry muffins ... if and only if the berries don't get eaten by the time I get around to baking. And if there are any leftover berries ... they will get frozen for our Sunday Night Smoothies!


  1. Love that place and all the yummy treats you can make with the berries! Looks like your picking crew did a great job!!

  2. What fun! And great pictures of the kids :)

    I remember picking there when Eliana was a tiny newborn.

    Enjoy your berries......we have at least another month until ours will be ready....in the meantime I can almost smell yours.

  3. You guys got some awesome berries! We had so much fun too, and only got to make strawberry pie. The rest were devoured before I could make anything with them!