Monday, May 21, 2012

Frog Eggs ... Here we go again!

The day we came home from Virginia, the ditches were full of water ... so Martin checked out the ditches and found frog eggs. Rich told him to collect some of them and bring them inside so we could watch them grow. One of the things that frustrated us about our previous experience with tadpoles is that we never knew whether they were frogs or toads. This time, however, we knew without a doubt that they were frog eggs. Frogs lay their eggs in clusters ... and toads lay their eggs in long lines. The picture above and below is a picture of our ditch with BOTH frog eggs and toad eggs. The day after we collected the frog eggs, we saw that a toad had laid eggs the evening before.

You may be able to see the clusters of eggs and lines of eggs better in this picture ... the toads eggs are almost black in color(in the long chain of eggs) ... and the frog eggs are much lighter in color and floating in clusters. 

This picture above show the eggs in our plastic container ... as you can see some of the eggs are now tadpoles ... but at the time I took the picture had not hatched yet.
Since I took the above picture, they have all hatched and are swimming around. It will be very interesting to find out what kind of frogs they are. We have been trying to identify the frog sounds that we hear at night outside our house ... and we've definitely heard the Fowler's Toad call, the Cope's Gray Tree Frog, and Spring Peepers.
So ... here we go again!

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  1. Just imagine if all of those frog and toad eggs reached maturity! We would be awash in amphibians! I can just picture Martin checking out the ditches in search for frog eggs. Such fun! Please keep us posted on the growth of the croakers at Martin's Frog Farm.