Monday, March 14, 2011


Everyone knows that boys can be hard on clothes. For some reason, I was able to pass down most of the clothes that both Martin and Aaron wore to Jonathan. Interestingly enough, they managed to stay in good enough condition to pass down to boy #3! One could argue that Jonathan is not really hard on his clothes ... he is the 3rd boy to wear them, so they were already worn out. I would believe that too if he didn't have holes in the knees of every single pair of pants he owns. (including the ones that are brand new to him - he does have a few that Martin and Aaron never wore)
So, instead of buying him new pants, I bought patches. So, if you happen to see patches in all of Jonathan's jeans ... just know that I cannot bring my frugal self to go buy new jeans for Jonathan.
On a side note ... he thinks that patches are really awesome!


  1. That is amazing jeans 2 boys have worn are still around for Jonathan! I was just telling little Penn last week that we would have to get Wilhelm new jeans becuase there wont be anything left of these. I JUST bought patches on Saturday for a pair of little Penn's jeans that are only 3-4 months old and have holes in both knees.

  2. GO frugal momma!!! Smart thinking! ☺

  3. I can attest that he loves the patches! He shows me them every time we sit down for story time in Cubbies. So: saving money + one happy little boy = a great decision by Momma!