Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Details on the amazing boulder ...

My three boys hanging out in their favorite place!

Jonathan trying to keep his balance on the tree

Martin walking the tree

Aaron walking on the fallen tree

The view of the house from the boulder

I've blogged about the boulder before. This time I wanted to get some shots of the boulder from up close. There is a huge fallen tree that leads right up to the boulder. This is one huge boulder! There is no wonder that it is such and amazing place to play! Unfortunately, we just found out a couple days ago that when they start building on the empty lot that contains that boulder ... the boulder is more than likely going to be blasted. We are not happy about that at all - but the boulder is just across our property line, so we have no say. The boys are going to have to play as much as they can over on that boulder and get it out of their systems! We still have at least a couple more months before they start clearing that land. So, until then ... their imaginations can wander!


  1. Noooooo! That is so sad to be losing the boulder. If they are going to blast it, then I guess there is no way they could move it to your land :(

  2. I know, I was just hoping that there was a way they could just move it over to your side of the property line!

  3. Blasting is a lot more expensive than pushing! Contact the builder and have him push the boulder over to your property. Assuming that it is the sixe of a large SUV and not the size of a two story house, a standard sized dozer can push it to your property.

  4. Oh how fun that boulder is! And I agree: Try to push it onto your side of the line so that the fun can continue!

  5. I know how much fun that boulder is! lol I have experienced it for myself! I even got scared climbing on top! your boys thought it was so cool that I attempted to climb up and then when I got scared they were so sweet saying "OH its ok! Its real easy to climb down!" you have some of the sweetest children!

  6. I think you should try to have it moved onto your property. That boulder is great.

  7. Lauren!!! That is so funny. They just told me for the first time today that you went on the boulder with them. That is hilarious!

    Ernie - that is a great idea! Aaron wanted me to personally thank you for the great tip! (those were his words exactly!) And it's definitely not the size of a house - it's probably more like an SUV!
    I'll have to get Rich to talk to them about it. Great idea! They wouldn't even have to move it very hard - it is really just on the other side of the property line.

  8. We have this amazing set of boulders near our home. One is the size of a small house, one is about the size of a Hummer and there are several that are about the size of a dining room table.

    When they built new homes in the area, they chose to keep the boulders. They also kept several large oak trees in the area.