Tuesday, February 26, 2013

An Encouraged Heart

Our life is so busy right now! I remember the days when I was drowning in diapers, tantrums, and nap schedules thinking that I could never get more busy than that. Here I am, though, drowning in a different kind of busy. I'm teaching 3 different grades and trying to convince #4 that she doesn't need to do school yet. (it's not working)
I've got baseball and band schedules(and now teaching choir) to juggle along with worship team rehearsals, small group, and AWANA. Trying to keep up with this schedule while also maintaining order at home, all the normal house chores, and maintaining a pretty high maintenance and specialized diet can be CRAZY!
All that said, last night as I was cleaning up the kitchen after we ate my heart was so full of joy and encouragement!
The children went upstairs to clean their rooms and pick up the house and when they were done they all went to get their AWANA handbooks to work on memorizing scripture. While washing dishes at the sink, in front of me was Martin on the couch helping Jonathan learn his verses for the week and behind me my husband was helping Aaron learn his verses for the week.
All around me, while I busied myself with my work, I was experiencing discipling. A brother discipling his little brother and a father discipling his son.
All glory to God! In the normal hurriedness of my day and checking off the to-do list, God gave me this precious gift. I could not stop smiling! My heart was and is full of joy.
I pray that you will know the free gift of God's grace - not dependent on your performance - but fully a gift from a loving and merciful creator.

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